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Unlike many Korean websites, HomePang doesn’t use what’s called text images. There are about 10,000 character variations each per Korean font. Although Hangul is phonetic similar to Latin with only 24 characters, it is constructible character made up of consonants and vowels into the syllable structure. This made using Korean web fonts unpractical for a long time. In order to beautify fonts for the web, most people just resorted to the Photoshopped text images. This made huge problems in terms of web search ability. With our unique FontPang technology, we are able to subset only the characters used for that page thus reducing the overall web font file size significantly making the page, loads much faster and best of all searchable.

HomePang doesn’t use static map and chart images. If you do this, your admins cannot easily update maps and/or charts without doing the image work first. For users of the site, this means they cannot pan and zoom maps. Instead, HomePang uses dynamic maps and charts only. This is only possible when you embrace the web standards like we have and decided to leave supporting the older browsers that doesn’t support the web standards. This is especially hard decision to make since almost one third of the Korean market is on the older browsers that doesn’t support web standards yet.

HomePang doesn’t use Flash images. 9 years have passed since Apple first released the original iPhone without the Flash support. Android quickly followed the suit. However there are still plenty of sites littered with flash that brakes on modern smartphones and tablets. We think Flash just makes your sites slower and heavier. HomePang uses standard HTML5 and JavaScript for all it’s animations for lightning fast speed on modern browsers.

HomePang doesn’t use Active X so that we can use our sites with Android and Mac OS X devices as well as Windows. There are reportedly half a billion Windows XP users in the world still. Microsoft has stopped all technical support for Windows XP after 13 years. The problem with Windows XP was its default browser, Internet Explorer, was not upgradeable to past version 8 which support the modern standard web. Until recently South Korean authorities required Active X based public authentication on all of our online financial transactions. This explains the unusually high percentage of Internet Explorer usage in this country. But that is starting to change with the brand new legislation abolishing the need to use Active X which goes into effect May of last year.

HomePang doesn’t support Internet Explorer 8. This is a bold statement for a South Korean company since IE8 is still the most popular browser here. We’ve thought long and hard about this issue and made a conscious decision not to support it. We’ve lost many clients over this issue. Google Apps stopped supporting IE8 many years ago. However some local companies still putting efforts in supporting the now ancient IE7 in South Korea. We rather simply ask our users to upgrade their browser. We realize that this is very difficult when you need to give up most of your online financial transactions capabilities. We rather build alternative technologies for that purpose.

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